I read an article about adding nutrients to the ociens and w...
I read an article about adding nutrients to the ociens and was wondering what you thought of this? apparently, it could decrease viral infection rates of phytoplankton, which would lead to other ...
by Guest
What do you think of the article at Crosscut today, about a ...
What do you think of the article at Crosscut today, about a lecture on fish and land conservation?!-Eat-fish!/ Thanks, Judy Lightfoot
by Guest
Re: Was the Grey Whale Killed by the Makah, ?!
oops. Missing one letter: for the article on JJ the whale. Stop the Makah Whale Sacrifice
by Gastrok
Re: Environmental Club Ideas
Ok, Bruce, even though I believe you're here just to inflate your own ego by arguing, I'll play your little game for a few rounds: What did you expect? Greenpeace and the Sierra Club just to snap ...
by javaquant
Re: Sea Shepherd Responds to Faroese Government
Thank you for all that information, Dr. med. Sandra KJ - It is very useful to know where to take our right from when approaching these issues. As to your question about the toxicity, please look ...
by copper
Re: Earth is doomed, but dont fret quite yet
Thanks for the article! I'd already read their book, 'Rare Earth', but was unaware of this one. Just ordered it from Amazon!
by Myles
Re: 20th century climate not so hot, study shows
: I particularly enjoy this one: :>Soon, Baliunas and colleagues analyzed numerous climate indicators :>including: borehole data; cultural data; glacier advances or retreats; :>geomorphology; ...
by VeronikaLous
Scientists do not believe human activities threaten to disrupt the Earths climate
... he Earth's climate by Joseph Bast (January 30, 2001) Article website address: Summary: Much of what is reported about global ...
by swatters
Re: Why Ethanol will not catch on
I jusonanistic article on ethanol fuels for transportation. After watching the 2012 documentary called "Freedom" I have to question your data on ethanol production. It looks like ethanol is a ...
by Aaron
Re: mini-ice age
the article kept some things simple so to speak... I take it that you found the magazine. this thing will most likely will affect Europe more than North America at least according to the article. ...
by Scoundrel
Re: Environmentalists Abet Wildfires
To reply by mail, nuke the 'bago. Is the article on-line. If so, could you post a link to the article in question? I searched using a variety of keyword combinations (taken ...
by cisko
Re: Do Other Higher Mammals Such as Whales and Dolphins Dream?
Look friend, you posted a statement enclosed in quotes and claimed it 'He said 'higher mammals SUCH AS whales and dolphins.' I suppose I was drawing the circle wider than you are.' That is a ...
Re: Makah Whale Hunt
... o you define 'sentient'? As to whales or any animals being sentient please read the 'Culture Shock' article in the New ...
by Linda2
The Environment And The Savannah Theory
I have seen recently a very interesting and unique article on Earth Witness that explain how the
by Angela
The Climate Change Nightmare
FEATURE-Asia faces living nightmare from climate change 25 Nov 2004 01:45:40 GMT Source: Reuters By David Fogarty SINGAPORE, Nov 25 (Reuters) - The weather predictions for Asia in 2050 read like a ...
by nulleq
Re: the Bush record
Haha. That's an opinion piece, not a news article. It's devoid of facts from the first sentence. Note that the site peddles 9/11 conspiracy theory videos and also has **** on 'How LBJ Killed ...
by FiLoFrAk
Re: Bush Bungling Klamath Wildlife Refuges: Lawsuit Challenges Farming on Klamath Refuges
This article taken in conjunction with 'Klamath findings fail to get into print' from the Nov. 2, 2002 issue of The Oregonian, presents a pattern of collusion by the Bush administration to CTA (Cover ...
by Sharkbait
Re: Iceland Plans to Catch Hundreds of Large Whales
Read the article. Then, if you have info to the contrary, please post it so we can all be enlightened. Richard Hayduke Lives! 'We are the living graves of murdered beasts, slaughtered to satisfy our ...
by transaoction
Environmental Pessimism False Pessimism Excerpts from an article by Paul Geddes, originally published in The West Coast Libertarian, 922 Cloverley Street, ...
by swatters
Re: The UN IPCCs Artful Bias on Climate Change
About every 3 or 4 statement in this article is false. I have time to only correct one of them. Please see my correction below. Patently not true. Look up the terms 'non-parametric statistics' and ...
by srinuach
Activists vows to remain in Iraq as `human shield
Deepak Chopra, the doctor who is bringing his brand of East-meets-West philosophy to Memphis, proposed Wednesday that the Pope, the Dalai Lama and himself serve as human shields to avoid bombing in ...
by freerap
Re: Environmentalists Would Make Human Life Impossible
No offense, but I've seen this article before - about a week ago in fact, and on this same message board. It's just as stupid now as it was then. I've been a radical environmentalist now for 30 ...
by Dom
Re: The treason (9/11) recruited civilian operatives) Revised 3/25/03 (1/2):There is no national border between every country's invisible personnel (involved agents, police & recruited civilian operatives) of ...
by myprojeff
Re: Facts and Fiction of Global Warming
I wonder what the Annapolis Center is, and what special knowledge this medical doctor has concerning climate and energy policies. One thing that's pretty implausible about this little essay that ...
by Gastrok
Re: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
sushil_yadav very interesting and right on spot on most of the sub-subjects discussed in your article.
by copper
Re: I want some pessimistic views on Greenpeace organization by the other organ...
Try this article:
by jade
I wonder if you could clear up a confusion of mine? Could you let me know where the bowhead quota 'explicitly mentions the Chukotka' in the IWC Schedule? The Schedule refers to the stock of bowheads ...
by luckynate
I want to know whether majority of Norwegian media criticized the government. Does anybody know? No. Article V.3 of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling says: 3.Each of such ...
by Raz
Re: Climate Change - How Will We Know?
All, To start with, as I suppose that none of you know who I am: I have no shares in any company, drive one of the smallest - and least guzzling - cars on the European market, and will stop a carrier ...
by klauss
Re: Effects of Elevated CO2, Ozone and Projected Climate Change on Irrigated Potato Production in ...
David - thanks. 'Apocalyptic religious beliefs' have nothing to do with whether a rising sea level is likely to be a problem for Bangladesh. Serious climate scientists have predicted this - and as ...
by Tesselator
Re: Washington State Finishes Investigation of Whaling -- Hands Off
... like that which cause people to recognize you as a liar Rich. Perhaps the other statements in that article can be attributed to a difference of opinion, but the above is simply not true. And of all ...
by Irishman
How to be eco-friendly when buying food?
I have just been reading an article over at Sustainable Friends on how to be eco-friendly when buying food - and was wondering if people are eco friendly when buying their food? Do you watch out for ...
by SustainableFriends
Re: Early spring heatwave brings fear of global warming to China
Oh, Matt! This article is more than just a weather report. The article talks about climate too.
by Gastrok
Re: Hard Times for CEE-OH-TOO (pseudo)Science
... nyone has a sound rigorous basis for a firm probabilistic statement like that. But perhaps the full article clarifies exactly what they mean by it (ie, to what extent it is their personal ...
by Tesselator
Re: 9/11 attacks s crimes Dear Senator Sarbanes, Local invisible personnel (involved police, agents & recruited operatives) had induced ...
by BlueTwenty
Re: The Human Face of Climate Change
No ding dong. I worked with a woman from Madras for a couple years. She had a privleged upbringing, arranged marriage and went to school in Chicago. She used to talk about the plight of the Indian ...
by brfelix
UK to push Bush on global warming
Thu 4 November, 2004 14:45 BERLIN (Reuters) - The government hopes it can exert influence on reelected President George W. Bush and push the United States to do more to combat climate change, the ...
by julesruis
Re: A 2300-Year History of Climate and Water Quality Changes in Chesapeake Bay
... though: Wrong participants in the discussion. My comments were in response to Sunny's posting of an article from by the brothers Idso. My argument is really with them. ...
by Linda2
Re: Japanese whaling ships to return home after killing 440 minke whales
... ople to read various sources and make informed judgements about both the content and quality of the ...
by cosmosgazer
Re: member from Delhi, India
Hello sushil_yadav, welcome to the forum :) I am happy you joined us. I hope you will like it here. I will now rush to read your article :)
by copper

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