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Imagine a world where people think of nature as a partner for their creations, where people consider the satisfaction of their needs at the same level as the needs of any other being in this world.

A whole new perspective on living where we see the totality of living as comprised not only of the things we can have or own but of the connection of whole of life.

Imagine us using the old ways of native people saying thanks for the earth and all life for every small gift that we receive.

Imagine people with hearts open enough to thank the animals that gives us food, to the water for the life that they give and the earth for the abundance that it offers.

Imagine the awareness of people opens to reflect the understanding of the importance of thought, experiments such as the one of Massaru Emoto influence the way we think, talk and act to each other and to life in all forms.

Imagine a world where humanity gets its energy by cooperation with nature by utilising the wind, the sun, the water and the heat that the earth can offer us for free for a world of healthy people and healthy planet.

Imagine people really caring for others, the world and all life for they see the value in them and they want them to live in abundance as much as they care for themselves.

Imagine love as the motivating force in life.

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  • Tom Bulger: It is easy to imagine what is here networking and growing everyday. Choose Life.

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