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Imagine Humanity Living In Harmony With Nature
Imagine a world where people think of nature as a partner for their creations, where people consider the satisfaction of their needs at the same level as the needs of any other being in this ...
by Angela
Today's Solutions are Tomorrow's Problem
rice field
I think on one has expected that the desire for clean fuel would end up in increasing the hunger in many states over the world. We want clean energy that is more eco friendly than fossil fuel, ...
by Angela
Why Now Is The Right Time For Rethinking American Agriculture?
sustainable agriculture
In order to educate yourself on the new farm bill you can listen or read to it here In the context of the effort to create a sustainable agriculture it is really important to remember that any ...
by Angela
I've reached the conclusion...
I've reached the conclusion that most people really don't want to know what's going in this world as it pertains to anything of real importance such as the quality of the air we breathe, the food ...
by marcusbrkr0304
We are what we eat ( But is what we're eating good for us?) It could be though...
No, it isn't good for us, and I base this on the proposition that the soil our food stuffs are grown in are SO nutrient deficient that what we do eat brings very little nutritional value to the ...
by marcusbrkr0304
What on earth are they spraying up there????
The sky is a beautiful thing to behold. From time to time, you should just take a moment to look up and appreciate it. Then ,as you notice those long lines of vapor trails stretching from horizon to ...
by marcusbrkr0304
Save The Seals
Can Killing be justified by arguments of tradition? For me and almost any other human being on the pace of the planet the answer is certainly not, how come the Canadian don't get it. The the ...
by Angela
What cost good health ( are only the rich able to access nutrient rich foods?)
The cost of US foods as related to their nutritive value.. (Quoted from a government report) DESIGN: The USDA Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies 1.0 (FNDDS 1.0) and the Center ...
by marcusbrkr0304
More research papers as promised
Here is the additional research as promised. I use these as a baseline for experimental growing of vegetables. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Murray's book Sea Energy Agriculture for more in-depth study ...
by marcusbrkr0304
I have some research papers available..
I have some research available for everyone to look at, and as soon as I can figure out HOW to attach them to a post, i will make them available for everyone's consideration. ( this way people ...
by marcusbrkr0304
by freya
by freya
by freya
Obama's Energy Secretary Outlines Dire Climate Change Scenario
Good New, or more reason to keep the faith in the new goverment.Obama's energy secretary outlines dire climate change scenario Better late than never is the only way to look at this, at long last ...
by Angela
PRT, Personal Rapid Transit System
Masdar City, Abu Dhabi new post petroleum city has a lot of freedoms that other city's in planing don't necessarily have. The first and foremost is that money is not an object, therefor many ...
by Angela
Biomethane From Human Sewage to Fuel Oslo's Bus's.
Its nice to find a City that is more action than talk or at least walk the walk. Olson has set itself a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, and as a means to this end started investigation ...
by Angela
Back to The Future
Green and sexy can combine it seems. Personally I have always had a weak spot for sexy cars, though with the green streak was sure that was one dream that would not happen. Now, Buck ...
by Angela
What Is Shell's Real Story?
Interesting interview with BBC reporter George Monbiot and Jeroen van der Veer, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell. I have a conflicting opinion about the interview (interesting and worth the ...
by Angela
Facing Reality
A few days ago, I had a discussion with a very wise man about the whole climate change situation, especially in regards to taking positive action. He said, and I admit, I hadn't thought about this ...
by Angela
Big Fish = Little Fish
Do you fish?If you do, I am sure you like to catch the big fish, on that will fill a plate or two nicely.If that is your fishing profile, I need not even tell you that you are not alone. Obviously, ...
by Angela
Have You Ever Been Stampeded By Dolphins?
If you don't have enough reasons already to sit up and pay attention to the environment the planet and the climate - here is another one, a true site for sore eyes and a vision worth while keeping in ...
by Angela
The Return Of Jose The Beaver
Jose the Beaver
You learn something new every day and if you are really really lucky, that new thing will bring you a lot of joy and improve your day.Today must be my lucky day, because today was the day that I ...
by Angela
Are She Men the Future?
Along the same topic line as Larry's post, I just read an article about the effects of pollutants on the reproductive Health of Male Vertebrate. The Report is extensive, and backed by some of the ...
by Angela
PCB + plastic + Ocean + Sunlight = Autism....
PCB + Plastic + Ocean + Sunlight = Autism.... There appears to be a catastrophe unfolding in our Oceans... with a soup of plastic and industrial toxins that are making there way up the entire food ...
by larry
Some More Global Warming Denials.
Sen. James Inhofe has just written with the help of his staffer Marc Morano another anti global warming dodad entitiled "UN Blowback: More than 650 International Scientists Dissent over Man-Made ...
by Angela
The impact of tar sands on birds.
tar sands
Alberta tar sands hold about as much oil as Saudi Arabia.The oil that is technologically retrievable today from Alberta's tar and oil sands is estimated at 280-300Gb. for every barrel of synthetic ...
by Angela
Program to fight global warming.
I would like to thank Heather for bringing this to my attention: When New Yorkers throw on the lights to greet New Year's Day 2009, some of the bill will go toward a 10-state program to fight global ...
by Angela
The Big Thicket field trip.
The Big Thicket Association is sponsoring the All Taxa Biological Inventory in partnership with the Big Thicket National Preserve. Jace Stansbury took part in a field trip in the Lance Rosier Unit ...
by Angela
Beauty of southeast Alaska.
southeast Alaska
The Alaska Panhandle, sometimes referred to as Southeast Alaska, is the southeastern portion of the U.S. state of Alaska, which lies just west of the northern half of the Canadian province of ...
by Angela
The Acropora palmata
elkhorn coral
Acropora palmata= Elkhorn corpoopis considered to be one of the most important reef-building corals in the Caribbean. This species of coral is structurally complex with many large branches. ...
by Angela
Is Gustav Making Fun Of Bush?
I know hurricanes usually don't plan to mess with plans of particular people but it is all over the news and the blogshere. The idea that Bush's plans would be interrupted by Gustav is at least ...
by Angela
Stupidity Within Irrationality
An excellent post on Bootstrap Analysis discusses pesticides in the immediate and wider context. The immediate context is the fact that apart from the data the manufacturer provide on a new ...
by Angela
Glaciers cracks in North Greenland
One of the last places that was "safe" from the climate changes until now is showing a signs that the process is influencing it too. From the Smog Blog: In northern Greenland, a part of the ...
by Angela
The Miracle Of Life
Sometimes I start to over think things starting with the realities of the world and up to the changes that I have to do in life, the house, work any other think that can occupy my though for much ...
by Angela
by connemarra
Betty ONeil
by connemarra
Nature At His Best
black bear
I've read Carl Safina's post after visiting Southeast Alaska and I have to say that I was so touched that I almost cried. He has some amazing photos there so you better check out yourself. ...
by Angela
Climate Change Is Here And It Working Both Ways
There are so many current theories about global warming that I thought this video was a nice reminder that the discussion started 60 years ago. I've happen to read Greenie watch today and ...
by Angela
Long Term Planning And The World Of Politics
It is not new that politicians build a very interesting policies on various areas and little by little they compromise this or that part until they are changed beyond recognition. The energy policy ...
by Angela

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